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Growth Club

1,000.00 every month for 1 year

The Growth Club

Enrolling in our GROWTH CLUB gives you access to monthly coaching services including our Strategic Manager Program for your leaders, the Sales Mastery Development Program for your sales force and company wide interventions to drive the CULTURE you need for sustainable growth.

Brief Program Description

  • Strategic Retreat: Initial strategic retreat to develop working plan for the year, mission, vision, values and define the cultural elements to be deployed through the organization

  • Strategic Manager is our group coaching program to help your managers and supervisors lead at their best. Throughout the program participants gain the tools to improve at driving business results in terms of quality, cost and service. The goal is to have a business that relies on processes with a management team focused on continuous improvement. Leaders will leave each session with a top 5 action plan.

  • Sales Mastery is our sales development program that includes the implementing a sale and the techniques to increase sales, reduce cycle time and build lasting relationships.

  • Executive Coaching: Individual one to one coaching session with General Manager


12 month program. Every month we will visit your company and meet your team. Our first meeting will be a full day strategic meeting, then from second month we will meet 4 to 6 hours with differents groups implementing, developing leaders, sales and everybody.

Additional Benefits included

  • DISC profiles (Communication and Leadership Style Assessment) for each manager

  • 5 additional DISC profiles for employees